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Bottomless Pit - Shade Perennial
Shade Perennial - The fifth Bottomless Pit release. LP (incl. CD). Released by Comedy Minus One.
Bottomless Pit - Lottery 2005-2012
LOTTERY 2005 - 2012 - First three records plus three outtakes. 2xCD. Japanese release.
Bottomless Pit - Blood Under the Bridge
Blood Under the Bridge - The third Bottomless Pit record. 2x12" (incl. CD)
Bottomless Pit - Congress
Congress - The second Bottomless Pit record. 12" (incl. CD)
Bottomless Pit - Hammer of the Gods
Hammer of the Gods - The first Bottomless Pit record. 2x12" (incl. CD)
Bottomless Pit - t-shirts/tank tops
Bottomless Pit t-shirts.
Bottomless Pit - Live At Saki
Live at Saki - Bottomless Pit's Saki Session recorded live for Epitonic on November 3rd, 2013 in celebration of the band's third album Shade Perennial.

All Bottomless Pit releases are available for audition and download on Bandcamp.

Any remaining physical copies of Bottomless Pit releases can be ordered on Bandcamp or from Comedy Minus One Records, which released the final BP record Shade Perennial.

Comedy Minus One also carries music by Tim's band Mint Mile, Andrew Cohen, and Brian Orchard's band Light Coma (which also functions as Andrew's band at times). You may also find some reissues of Tim and Andy's band Silkworm and assorted related projects. Most of this material is also available on Bandcamp.